Value Added Services

Location Based Services

Location based service allows the mobile subscriber to navigate and search through the street, local area, city or across the country. It also adds immense value to VAS providers like m-commerce, mobile advertising, etc. Our LBS platform can be deployed irrespective of the size and type of the network because of our modular approach. Thus it can be implemented on an operator's network in its entirety (including all of its components), or by using only certain components.


Span offers a state-of-the-art standard based GMLC/SMLC solution offering powerful and highly accurate location based services. It provides a centralized and managed connection point to the operator's network for location-based services and applications. The platform supports numerous mobile positioning technologies ranging from Cell ID to high-accuracy Assisted GPS (of Qualcomm) in a cost effective implementation.


Our system simplifies network complexity and provides a simple method of location determination to external applications by exporting a subscriber's location information using open standardized API. Those applications can therefore be independent of the underlying network technology. This architecture can be used by applications that operate within the network operator's domain or that are executed outside the core network.




The subscriber expects roaming as an essential service from his mobile operator. Good coverage and service leads to subscriber loyalty and brand building. However, apart from this it is also an opportunity for the service providers to earn revenue. 


Span offers a host of solutions to the operators to generate greater revenues and provide subscribers with personalized experience during roaming. We provide Intelligent Call Completion, dial home short codes, various flavors of welcome SMS, optimal voicemail deposit, Gateway Location Register (GLR), Home rerouting, Steering of Roaming and many other services. All these solutions help the operators to tap 2.5 - 4% of their revenues.      


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